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Sign up for the *NEW* Remind groups for the 2019/20 SVMB Season.  THE OLD GROUP NO LONGER WORKS.  EVERYONE WILL NEED TO SIGN UP AGAIN THIS YEAR!!

The "Remind" service has changed their policies and limited the number of members in each group/class on the service.  You will need to sign up based on your student's last name.

These "remind" groups are for SVMB students and families only (Musicians AND Auxiliaries)

Instructions to sign up:

Last names A-B 
Last names C-G
Last names H-L
Last names M-O
Last names P-S
Last names T-Z

Message from the Executive Board:

SVBB Quick Reference 2019
***PLEASE READ - A great resource for ALL SV Band Families

SVBand Handbook - 2109rev

Stay up to date!! Visit our Calendar regularly for the latest information. You can even subscribe to our "Google" calendar and add it to your smartphone or tablet. 

Nurses Needed - We are in need of nurse volunteers for Band Camp, Parades, and Football Games. If interested, please contact Sharon Prazenica at 412-418-5744 or srp@zoominternet.net

Band Uniform Tailor Needed We are in need of someone to hem band uniform pants and jacket sleeves. If you have the skills and are willing to help out, please contact Julie Smith at  juliess@zoominternet.net

News / Events

Band Banquet- Saturday, May 16
IHS Cafeteria
10:00am - 1:00pm

Volunteer Clearances are required to work directly with students

State Law requires clearances for anyone who interacts directly with students.  This includes but is not limited to Chaperones, Band Camp Volunteers and First Aid providers.  The following must be completed:  
3)      Act 114 – Background checks  Service Code: 1KG6ZJ
Note: effective July 25, 2015 the fees for the Act 151 and Act 34 checks were waived.  The current fee for the Act 114 fingerprint based record check is $21.35.
Email your clearances to SVBBClearances@gmail.com. Thank You



Official SVBand calendar of events


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Monthly meeting minutes and general resources/forms.




Up to date information for all individual account fundraisers 


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Up to date information for booster sponsored events and fundraisers that benefit all band students

Dining/Driving/Banking for Dollar$

Dining/Driving/Banking for Dollar$

Skip cooking, Eat Out, Buy Cars, Do your banking and Raise funds!  

The Marching Band will be performing in Orlando at Walt Disney World!
April 2-6, 2020

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