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2017 SVBand Concessions Info

posted Aug 11, 2016, 7:24 PM by Erin Scott   [ updated Jul 27, 2017, 1:10 PM by Varden Armstrong ]
We're looking for some people that is!!  The 2017 season is almost upon us and we need volunteers for all of the home football games.  We have several ways that people can help out:

    **We need workers for the Home and Visitors' Concession Stands for each game.  We need between 20 and 25 people for each game.  Report time is 6pm or                     when you drop off your student(s).  We are done when we clean up after the game.   We know no one wants to miss seeing their kids at halftime, but if                         many people worked one game, the same 20 people don't have to miss all of them.   You can sign up to work games at the Aug 8  SVBand Booster                          meeting, at Rookie Camp, at the Uniform fitting days, or by emailing Leanne and  Erin at
   **We need helpers to pick up pepperoni rolls, or to come early and help us set up and prepare food and such.  If you are interested and able, email!
   **We need bakers.  :)  Several of our parents donate baked goods that we sell at each game.  If you'd like to be one of these yummy people, email!
   **Once again we are asking for soda and water donations.  We ask each student to donate a 12 pack of soda cans which will be collected during Band Camp. 
                We have the soda separated into grades so we get a balance: 
                                If your child is in:        please bring:                                                    We will announce during Band Camp which day collection will occur.
                                        12th grade            Pepsi or Diet Pepsi                                         We would appreciate the standard version of the soda, instead of
                                        11th grade            Coke or Diet Coke                                            caffeine free or throwback or energy boost or whatever.  Thanks! 
                                        10th grade            Mt. Dew or Diet Mt. Dew                                
                                                      9th grade              Dr. Pepper or Diet Dr. Pepper
  **Water donations will be collected on the same day. Some of the water will be sold at the stands, and some will be given to the kids at the games.     
     Any brand and any amount is greatly appreciated, thank you. 

Thank you,
Leanne Clark and Erin Scott

Contact Leanne and Erin at .