Steeler Game warm weather

Uniforms:    Underneath:  My recommendation is wear wicking clothes similar to UnderArmor.  The Uniforms by Aramark will include a Shirt (Smock to go over your shirt) , Hat and name Tag.  At Papa Johns we will also have aprons.   Aramark policy for food safety is that everyone must have their uniform on right away, so please make every effort to put on your uniform and hat no matter how hot it is (thank you).  

 Carpooling:  does everyone have their ride? The  Burger King Park N' Ride one hour before report time is a good place to meet.

 All:  (We are checking in at Gate B. by check in time.  When you arrive, go to the Papa John’s stand).

·         Arrive well fed / hydrated, many of us may not get a meal break until the third quarter (or at all).  (You may wish to bring a snack or extra zip lock bag to store your food in the stand)

·         Remember to bring “zip lock” gallon sized bag(s) for your belongings!   

·         Bring Larger Water Bottles or Drink Cups or a sealed water bottle.  It may be helpful since our stands do not have a fountain for drinks.  (The little employee cups are all that are provided.  In PJ, we will continue to use two of the Lexans to have ice/water available).

·         If you are assigned to Papa Johns, Bring your Papa Johns hat and name tag if you have one  (otherwise bring your black hat).

·         If you are assigned to one of the other stands :

1.       Bring your BLACK hat! and name tag.

2.       Sign our “sign in Sheet”, get your uniform  meal ticket and stand paperwork at Papa Johns before going to your other assignment.  **Take only the uniform size you ordered!!!

3.       Keep tips in a tray/cup under the counter.  We will distribute the tips evenly among the entire crew of SVBB volunteers for the evening. 

4.       You may have Aramark paperwork, cash and stand lead responsibilities.  (get your paperwork signed by your Aramark Supervisor)  **please do your paperwork. **

5.       Please return to Papa Johns after released from your stand.

6.       Beer / Wine  Stand folks:  Papa John’s will need your help as soon as possible after you close your stand.


Please Note:

·         Upon arrival, you must have valid photo ID (Driver’s License or State ID) and present when checking in.

·         No bags, purses or backpacks are allowed into Heinz on event days. Clear bags only.  <==if you watch carefully, they may be handing out some clear bags at the gate!!

·          Uniforms will be placed in Papa Johns stands and the location will be on your sign in sheet.

·         Black pants only. No capris, leggings, shorts, skirts, etc.

·         Closed-in shoes only. No sandals, open-toe, open-back, etc.

·         We provide you with a uniform shirt and hat. Please keep your hat and name tag. Bring it with you to every event.

·         At the end of the event,  all uniforms are placed back in the uniform bag and brought to the uniform room with your stand paperwork

        (Remove your pens/sharpies/nametags before placing you uniform in the bag).

At Papa John’s  (  Let’s have fun and avoid stress):

Upon arrival at PAPA Johns, we need to:

1.       Sign in and put on a uniform / hat.<= yes even in warm weather, Aramark wants the uniform and hat on for foood safety!

2.       Inventory, Also there are non-inventory items that we need to count so we don't run out:  Pizza boxes, sauce (1 can per 100 pizzas, Pepperoni (1 box per 300 pizzas), cheese (1 box per 100 pizzas)

2.a. put drinks in coolers as soon as possible.  

2b.  Put cheese and peperroni in cooler under prep station.  mark received with today's date.  Use oldest first.  nothing over 21 days old!

3.       Fill the Sanitizer basin and wipe down all food prep and serving surfaces and lexans / utensils we will be using.  Remove Aerator from faucet to fill faster.  Reinstall before leaving for night.

4.       Triple line the big trash can.

5.       Make Pizza Boxes (need 500+).

6.       Prepare Pizzas  (we will need to have about 200 -300 pizzas (two to three racks)   prepped as soon as possible.  During the 1st half, Let’s prep all the pizzas we have (or until we run out of an open ingredient in the third quarter).  I am beginning to think it is better to spoil prepped pizzas at the end of the game, than cooked pizzas or untouched dough balls.

7.       Prepped pizzas need to be kept in the cooler as soon as possible (so that specific cooler needs to be empty).

9.       We will be BUSY 1 hour before the start of the game through the first quarter.  A little lull for the remainder of 1st quarter into the 2nd quarter.  Expect to be busy again from mid-2nd quarter until a few minutes into the 3rd quarter. 

Please think about the  position you prefer. Here is a chart on how Pappa Johns might work with 12 people:  (Please consider the spot that is best for you and be flexible as the day goes.



Role ( stand open/busy) - baking!

Role ( stand open/Not busy) - Pizza Prepping, some baking

Role (stand not open / pizza prepping)



topper helper or cutter/boxer

topper helper







Cashier – stand lead at cashiers

Cashier – stand lead

Stand lead or make pepperoni fans (4 pieces)  up front




make pepperoni fans  up front


Feed the oven

Topper or feed the oven





make pepperoni fans up front














make pepperoni fans  up front



Cashier 4

Cashier 4  or cutter / boxer

make pepperoni fans up front



Cashier 5

roller helper -Docking or popper

roller helper - Docking




pepperoni triangles

pepperoni fans






 Cashier:  need 5  (During the initial baking we will need you at the other spots below.)  (We need five Cashiers, but cashier number 5 and 4 may be needed in the kitchen often) <= Please let me (or the cashier lead) know if you are interested.

Expediter:  at least 1 (during initial baking we will need you at the other spots below).

Dough roller:  need 2

Saucer:  Need 1 (and maybe a part time back up) <= If you are good at saucing please consider volunteering. We will be saucing 500+ pizzas.  Trick is to keep the ladle down and level and make circles.  Stay 1 inch away from edge so that a cheese seal can be formed.

Toppers:  need 2 (and maybe a part time assistant)  (cashiers will make pepperoni fans often. (4 pepperonis: 3 on base and 1 at peak of fans).  For Cashiers, put Pepperoni bin in a Lexan filled with Ice.  Use trays right side up and parchment paper for layers).  (Sneak down to the kitchen behind the club to ask Chef for full size parchment when you need it). Remember never scoop the cheese.  Put Cheese in your hand then fill the cup.  (1 cup for pepperoni pizzas.  About 1.25 cups for cheese pizzas).  Cheese over a tray or over the cheese bin to minimize cheese waste.  Make sure you cover the edge of the sauce to make a cheese seal.

Oven (popper, cutter , boxer): 

                Need 1 popper during baking times.  (Cashier 5 will cover this.).

                Need 3 at the cutter/boxer station during baking times.


Kitchen (Dough roller, Saucer, Topper, Oven):

·         Kitchen Lead: If someone preferably with commercial kitchen experience is the lead, this will be very helpful

·         Dough Roller:  Dock like crazy, but not on the screens.

·         Toppers:  16 pepperoni’s on each pepperoni pizza.

·         Seasoned Screens are cleaned by running through the oven.  THEY DO NOT get Washed with water.

         We will use two dough bins for the screens at the output of the oven.  One will be for screens that need to go back through the ovens.

·          load the heat racks from the right and pull from the right.

1.       “dummying up” one heat rack.  We will only use one heat rack.

·          prep trays are turned upside down to hold pizzas on screens in cold storage.

·         Turn Baking ovens on 30 minutes before gates open.  (wish I had known this during the really hot weather…)

    Turn warming ovens and warming racks when you start to bake.  

               Warming ovens need about 1 Gallon of water in the bottom (Drain after game.) and set to hold at 165 approx 125 plus 30. 

                The left heating rack is completely a dummy so you can turn the temperature way down on that one.  

        left warming rack is a dummy, you may turn heat way down on this one.  

·         When gates open, cook 6 pepperoni  and 3 cheese pizzas.

·         Watch the crowd & the heat rack. Bake as needed

·         Approximately 65 minutes before game starts, expect to continually bake pizzas into the 1st quarter.  (maybe not so much for a preseason game)

·         After quick staff breaks (if needed- really limit the breaks) in the 1st quarter, prep as many pizzas as we can until half time (or when we have at least 200 to 300 prepped pizzas again).

·         boxed pizzas are kept in stay warm ovens (stack upto 3 at a time).

·         Mark boxes with P for Pepperoni  (some of the new boxes have an X mark).

·         Let’s try to have kitchen closed and cleaned by the end of the game.

·         Lots of little breaks for everyone during hot weather.  A longer little break (or quick meal break if needed) in the 1st quarter, longer  meal breaks during the third quarter.    Split breaks 50/50 across the team.

·         During 3rd quarter, rebake screens with crust stuck on them.

*  Toward the end of 3rd quarter, we really need as many folks at cashier  / expeditor to clear the lines before the 4th quarter begins.

·         Keep cardboard out of the trash cans (flatten cardboard separately, maybe store it next to grease trap).

·         No trash outside the stand until fans leave.  There is a dumpster near the exit of the restrooms that may be used.

·         Wipe down inside and outside of coolers and keep warm ovens if we can.

·         Make sure we take the cardboard out,  sweep and mop the floor,  and clean the sink. - throw awy the mop head.

·         Make sure we turn off the exhaust fans and hood lights.

·         Remind me to take my magnets off the oven wall.



Cashiers / Expediters:

·         Co-lead:  It is helpful to have an additional “leader” to  address issues at the counter, help count money and do paperwork etc 

·         As soon as we inventory, get all of our drinks in the refrigerators/coolers (to the extent possible).  BUT try to free up the three roll in coolers.

·         Lots of little breaks for everyone during hot weather.  A longer little break (or quick meal break if needed) in the 1st quarter, longer  meal breaks during the third quarter.    Split breaks 50/50 across the team.

·         If customer wants a beer other than Miller, send them to our “101 Pub” or the Bud stand next to us – this generates revenue (and tips).

·         Keep tips in a tray under the counter.  We will distribute the tips evenly among the entire crew of SVBB volunteers for the evening. 

·         We should have can tab openers to open the cans.  (If you bring your own, don’t lose it…I have been losing a couple each game.)

·         I plan to bring sharpies, pens, post it notes.

·         Lets inventory beer (and as much of the other inventory including large coolers) during the 4th quarter

·         and try to have all inventory done as close to the end of the game as possible. – USE POST IT NOTES.

·         We will start closing cashier drawers during the fourth quarter.




·         Be safe!   (No cutting toward your hand…).  Also watch for slips , trips, falls, hand injuries and avoid back injuries.

·         Stand Lead will hang a spoil list and an injury list on the side of the warming oven.   We need to report everything we spoil.

·         Meal tickets need to be used at a “regular stand” beyond Franco's or in the Great Hall.    (take off your Papa John’s hat before ordering a Fox Pizza).

·         During the opener, Papa Johns (and Aramark) were very pleased with our serving 500 pizzas fresh out of the oven (very few were in the warming oven/heat rack for more than a few minutes).   

·         NO EATING PJ pizzas, maybe discretely quality check from time to time.

·         We will try to have paperwork and final counts done as quickly and efficiently after the game so we can all go home at a decent time

·         Ask the stand lead, co-lead and kitchen lead questions first.  Try to let the stand lead be the one who interacts with the ARAMARK SUPERVISOR.

·         Smile, teamwork (we are all volunteers) and have fun!


We are  looking forward to everyone having a great time during this fundraiser.



Stand Lead (s).